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Stanground Academy

Expressive Arts/ Physical Education

Mrs A Copland, Assistant Principal – Expressive Arts (Dance, Drama and Music), Media, PE and ICT.

Our aim is to enrich the lives of all students through the creative arts/technology and PE, offering a knowledge rich curriculum to develop a mastery of skill in each subject.  We aim to equip all students with the transferrable knowledge, skills and experiences to prepare them for a career they wish to pursue.

  • In Expressive Arts we have six specialist teaching staff. Our facilities are fully fitted studios with lighting and sound equipment and a purpose-built performance studio for large audiences, fitted with industry standard lighting and sound. We have an iMac fitted music studio and 16 computers with music technology software.
  • In Media and ICT we have four specialist ICT and Media teachers. We have two media suites with the latest Media software, cameras and Green Screen.
  • In PE we have 14 specialist Physical Education teachers. We also have a fully equipped professional sports centre which includes a swimming pool, fitness suite, spinning studio, three large sports halls, as well as 12 AstroTurf football pitches.

 Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts (Music, Dance and Drama) is taught on a carrousel in years 7, 8 and 9 (KS3). Each student will experience a term of each subject. In all three arts subject’s students are taught a foundation level of performance skills related to each discipline. These skills are applied in context to the chosen topic. Across the two topics taught in each term, students also learn about the historical time period of the style of performance, group work skills including leadership and listening skills and develop their ability to vocalise an artistic critical response to the work seen in lesson. In all subjects, students will learn and develop performance skills through the presentation of their work to their peers. A supportive and respectful culture is the foundation of learning. This ensures a student’s confidence and self-belief grows and is nurtured throughout their Expressive Arts learning journey.  

Year 7 Topics include;

  • Music: Arriba and Tango
  • Dance: Haka and Jazz
  • Drama: ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’ by Alan Ayckbourn and World War 1 studying ‘The Muddy Choir’ by Jesse Briton.

Year 8 Topics include;

  • Music: African Drumming and Graphic Score
  • Dance: Sports Fusion and Afro Brazilian
  • Drama: Darkwood Manor and Virtual World studying the play ‘Helmet’ by Maxwell Douglas.

Year 9 Topics include;

  • Music: To be confirmed
  • Dance: Emancipation of Expressionism by Kenrick H2O Sandy and the choreographic process. Bob Fosse as a practitioner and the understanding of stylistic features.
  • Drama: ‘Blood Brother’s’ By Willy Russel and ‘Responding to a Stimulus’.


In KS4, students are given the option to continue their learning by opting to study either;

  • BTEC Technical Award in Dance
  • NCFE Performance Skills (Acting)
  • RSL Music Technology in year 10 and 11.

Each KS4 discrete pathway offers a personalised learning journey into this strand of the Performing Arts industry. The common factors taught by all three courses is the wider knowledge and greater understanding in performance skills and professional repertoire. Here teachers build upon the foundation knowledge acquired in the KS3 lessons to create more sophisticated material. Students are provided with various performance opportunities to live audiences; some of these will be compulsory as they are a pre-requisite to their assessments.

For those students wishing to tailor their learning into more succinct pathways, our faculty offer OCR Level 3 Extended Certificate in Performing Arts (equivalent to 1 A-Level) in KS5. Students can choose to specialise in either Music, Dance or Drama. The course promotes creativity through combining these art forms therefore all students will work together on a combined project as well as create work within their own discrete field. We also offer the extended version of the same course called ‘the Extended Diploma’ (equivalent to 3 A-Levels), this pathway is for students who want to pursue a career in their art form and will only study this course while at Stanground Academy Sixth Form (15 hours per week). This is a unique course only seen in colleges. We are the only school in Peterborough to offer the extended diploma. This is an access course direct to university to study the performing arts and dance/music/drama school/conservatoire.

Our department has strong links with local companies and are always providing new and exciting opportunities to apply students learning in a professional industry context.

Media and ICT

Students receive one lesson per week called I-Media. This is a combination of ICT National Curriculum and Media taught in KS3.


In KS4 we offer BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Creative Media Production. There are 3 Components of the course to be completed over the 2 years; Component 1 - Exploring Media Products, Component 2 - Developing Digital Media Production Skills, Component 3 - Controlled Assessment Exam - Create a Media Product in Response to a brief.  During year 10 both components 1 and 2 are taught simultaneously and conclude with the synoptic unit 3 in both Year 10 and Year 11. The purpose of the course is to give students a fundamental understanding of the construction of media products and first-hand experience of learning to create media products using industry level software. This is an industry recognised course and prepares students for either entry into a media industry apprenticeship or for further educational study at college/post 16 education in media.


For those students wishing to continue their learning in Media in KS5 students will study OCR Level 3 Extended Certificate in Digital Media.  There are several units of the course to be completed over the 2 years - some are optional, and some are compulsory, such as the Exam Units 1 and 2.  Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the media industry and the opportunity to create media products for existing companies.

  • Year 1 (Y12) - Unit 1 and Unit 2 exams (I think there's another unit sorry I'm not sure which, I only teach Unit 2)
  • Year 2 (Y13) - Unit 20, Unit 24 (again, I think there's additional Units for this, but I was only going to be delivering Unit 20)

The purpose of the course is to provide students with first-hand experience of every stage of producing a media product - working with real life clients, students will create and develop professional media products to industry level briefs. They will create an online portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their learning. This is an industry recognised course and prepares students for either entry into a media industry apprenticeship or further educational study at university.

Physical Education

Our curriculum aims to provide KS3 students with the opportunities to build physical and mental fitness, as well as improve performance by developing skills, problem solving and decision making.

KS3 students have two lessons per week of PE and throughout the year students rotate around a variety of sports which include; Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Dodgeball, Health and Fitness, Handball, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball.

We believe in a rich extra-curricular provision and a variety of clubs are on offer for FREE to all students in the following areas;

  • Athletics club (all years), Badminton club (all years), Basketball club (KS3 and KS4 as this is popular), Dodgeball club (all years), Kinball club (all years), Football club (all years), Fitness club (KS3 ) and KS4 club, Rugby club (KS3), Netball club (all years), Swimming club (all years), Table tennis club (all years), Tennis club (all years).

Our team of sports specialists are passionate about nurturing the talent and skill our students have and we have established competitive teams in the following areas;

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Netball

Students will continue to partake in one hour per week of core PE enabling students to take part in 60 minutes' worth of physical activity per week. In Year 10 and 11 students will refine techniques, develop more control of their skills and continue to work independently. They will take on more leadership roles within lessons and work towards a greater understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lessons are geared to the individual needs of the groups taught with opportunities to take part in traditional activities that are seen within the Key Stage 3 curriculum. There is also a greater opportunity and emphasis on team building and fitness-based activities to encourage and develop student’s co-operation and understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle to prepare them for adulthood.

As well as this, students have the option to develop their knowledge into the science of fitness and well-being in KS4. We offer OCR Level 2 Sports Science where a theoretical focus in the subject is studied and OCR Level 2 in Sports Studies which combines both practical exploration and theoretical learning. Both courses have the structure of 25% final written exam and 75% coursework.

In addition to this, students who wish to specialise in their education in sport can study OCR Level 3 Sport and physical activity in KS5. This course aims to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of sport and physical activity. This course is suited to those students who are interested in further studies, or a career in sports. Through a combination of both practical and theory elements, students will gain a deeper understanding of Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics and movement analysis, Sports organisation and development, Sports coaching and activity leadership and finally Practical Sports Performances. The course has a mixture of both internal and external assessments over the two years


List of Staff – Specialist subject

Mrs A Copland- Drama

Mrs R Baines- Dance

Miss A Hurden- Dance

Miss G Kimani- Dance

Miss Knight- Music

Mr S Wilson- Media and ICT

Miss J Kaur- Media

Mrs A Reynolds- PE

Mrs L Burgess- PE and Dance

Mr J College- PE

Mr S Walker- PE

Mr M Purkiss- PE

Mr L Pollard- PE

Mr C Emmerson- PE

Miss L Charles- PE

Miss N Houchen- PE

Miss V Toates-PE

Mr A Phillips- PE

Mrs S Lowe- PE

Miss C Henderson- PE

Mr N Hair- PE

Mr J Hayes- ICT