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Stanground Academy

Winter Warmth: A Friendly Reminder for Pupils to Bundle Up!

As the crisp autumn air turns into the chilly embrace of winter, we want to ensure that every pupil at Stanground Academy stays warm and comfortable throughout their day with us. It's important to dress appropriately for the weather, and with that in mind, we'd like to remind all pupils about the importance of wearing their coats.

Wear Your Coats with Pride: To, During, and After Academy Hours

We understand that the winter weather can be quite harsh, especially during mornings and afternoons. To make sure everyone is cozy and warm, we encourage all pupils to wear their winter coats to the academy, during their time indoors, and when heading home. Coats are not only a practical choice but also a stylish accessory to express personal flair! Please remind yourselves of our uniform guidelines to ensure your money is well spent!

Allowed Inside: Cozy Comfort Indoors

A gentle reminder: pupils are more than welcome to wear their coats inside the academy buildings. We want everyone to stay comfortable! If the heating inside the academy just isn't cutting it, the class teacher will give their class permission to wear their coats in the class. If this is not given, let's remove those coats and keep them somewhere safe - like the back of their chair! 

We believe that a warm and supportive community is the key to success, and ensuring everyone has the right attire for winter is one step towards that goal. Let's make this winter season at Stanground Academy a warm and memorable one for every pupil!


Stay warm and stay wonderful!