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Stanground Academy

About Us

At Stanground Academy our mission is clear - to enable students to learn about the ‘best that has ever been thought and said’. We are the inheritors of the knowledge, writings and discoveries of the past. Our curriculum is designed to enable students to learn about these ideas, taught by caring teachers with great expertise and knowledge. Our aim is for students to leave with tremendous qualifications which will prepare them for their next steps in life and to be both inquisitive and confident citizens. 

This means providing children, from all abilities and backgrounds, with an ambitiously academic curriculum where pupils succeed through excellent teaching, uncompromising standards of behaviour and relentless care. We therefore expect exemplary behaviour from all students. All staff at the Academy have high expectations and strive for quality and consistency.  Students will always know what they are learning, why it is relevant and how to succeed. 

The key to future success is inextricably linked to our efforts.  We expect students to work hard, and they will see this work ethic modelled by our staff. The Academy staff are here to help our young people realise their personal hopes and dreams. I know that the best way to do this is by maintaining a positive working relationship between us all.  


To learn and to explore new opportunities that are available to you.  Always arrive on time, in the correct uniform and properly equipped. 


Respect other students, adults and yourself by ensuring that your personal conduct is impeccable. Respect the environment by keeping it clean and tidy. 


Keep the Academy a safe place for everyone within in it, by acting in a thoughtful and sensible way at all times.

I look forward to working with you and further develop relationships with the local community.

Yours faithfully

Mr G Carlile