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Revision Information

Let’s Get Set for the Examinations!

Most of us worry about examinations. However, with a little planning and some support you can be well-prepared and take them in your stride.

Remember: friends, family and staff are all on your side. We want to help you to prepare.

Read through these pages, ideally with your parents/ carers, and take control of the situation.

If you want to talk through how to get started, just speak to your tutor, your head of year/ deputy head of year or any other member of staff. We're here to help you. 


What should I do?

Having the right attitude to revision will make a massive difference to how successful you will be. It will be a stressful time, but with the support and the right resources, you can achieve your potential. 

Expect the best of yourself!

Resolve to give yourself the best opportunity you can to reach your target grades by making revision your number one priority. In particular:


You are going to be tested in examinations, so ensure you know:

  • The subject title and awarding body (examination board) for each course
  • How many examinations you will sit and how long they last
  • What each examination will assess and how - teachers can go through this with you

Check you know your target grade and your current grade.

Get a list of all the ideas you need to understand for the examination (in a form which makes sense to you) - mind maps can visually help you understand any links! 


There are a wide range of websites available to support learning and an appropriate list can be found here.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure these websites are suitable for our pupils, we cannot be responsible for their content and would encourage parents to monitor their child whilst working online.

Read more about keeping safe online in our Academy Digital Citizenship Contract.

Below is a selection of some of the links available to revise from. If you have any suggestions on some that are not listed here, please contact our Enquiries team via email. 


A full list of GCSE examination boards can be found here.