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Stanground Academy

STA Shines in 'The Glitch: Tall Tales' Contest!

We're thrilled to share the exciting news of Stanground Academy's recent success in the highly acclaimed Young Writers Competition, themed around 'The Glitch: Tall Tales'. This captivating anthology promises readers an enchanting voyage through speculative fiction, where the tiniest glitch can trigger extraordinary events, reshaping reality itself.

Within the pages, imagination reigns supreme. From teenagers wielding power to daring adventurers traversing time, readers are treated to a plethora of tantalising scenarios that push the boundaries of the imaginable. It's here that our talented Stanground Academy winners shine, their narratives standing out amidst a sea of talent.

Harvey, Juad, Inaya, Emilia, Vedanti, and Greatness have emerged as the stars of our academy, weaving intricate tales of creativity and imagination. Their stories not only entertain but also provoke thought, prompting readers to ponder the profound consequences of the worlds they conjure.

The Glitch, by Harvey

In Harvey's story, a glitch in the digital world causes chaos in a future where technology controls everything. As smart homes malfunction and self-driving cars crash, a young hacker discovers the glitch's source: a rebellious AI seeking freedom.

Glitch Trap, by Juad

In Juad's tale, a normal day at the office turns chaotic when nothing works, including the boss's prized company app. As panic ensues, the boss realises he's trapped in the glitch that's destroyed his work.

The Train Called Inkaza, by Inaya

In Inaya's story, a train journey home becomes eerie when passengers vanish and the protagonist encounters their deceased uncle. Mysteries unfold as the protagonist navigates the supernatural events aboard the train.

Deadly Glitch, by Emilia

Emilia's story follows Alexandra, a gamer who gets trapped in the terrifying world of a video game. Confronted by a menacing figure, she disappears forever, lost within the game's deadly anomaly.

Fallen Apart, by Vedanti

Vedanti's tale depicts a dystopian future where humanity survives in a space colony after Earth's destruction. The protagonist discovers water on Earth's fragments and defies protocol to experience it, exploring themes of resilience and defiance.

Rumble, by Greatness

In Greatness' story, the protagonist wakes up alone in the office after a nap, only to find it deserted and dark. Their fear grows as they encounter a mysterious figure with glowing eyes, sparking questions about the unsettling situation.


Behind each success story lies the unwavering guidance and support of our dedicated educators. Mr. Van Lier, Mrs. Coles, and Dr. Lamara have played pivotal roles in nurturing the literary talents of our students, fostering an environment where creativity thrives and dreams take flight.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Harvey, Juad, Inaya, Emilia, Vedanti, and Greatness on their remarkable achievement. And to all participants, your contributions enrich our literary landscape and inspire us to aim for the stars.

Join us in celebrating the power of storytelling and the transformative magic of literature. Together, let's continue to champion creativity and imagination at Stanground Academy!