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Careers and Employability

Join up as a Young Professional to help you build careers confidence. You’ll get a certificate for your CV after each course!

Studying, working, looking for a job? Or not sure what you want to do in life? If you’re aged 14-24 and ready to train your skills the way you’d train your muscles in a gym, you’re in.

With free Young Professional training you can boost your life and work skills. We’ll help you every step of the way, wherever you live in the UK.

You’ve got what it takes. It’s time to start believing in your strengths.

How to apply

Sign up as a Young Professional

Year 11 Students, please click here to sign up as a Young Professional!

Year 13 Students, please click here to sign up as a Young Professional!

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Enrol in our Young Professional courses

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What do you get?

Skills support from our experts and Youth Ambassadors. 

Fantastic opportunities coming your way from youth friendly employers and organisations. 

A big tick on your CV – becoming a Young Professional shows you’ve got passion. 

Get your voice heard so you can help shape UK policy on youth employment