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Stanground Academy

Reporting & Assessment


Student reports serve as crucial tools for both students and parents, providing valuable insights into a child's academic progress and overall development. At Stanground Academy, these reports offer a overview of a student's performance across various subjects, highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and areas of interest.

For parents, these reports serve as indicators of their child's journey through the curriculum, allowing them to stay informed and engaged in their child's education. By understanding their child's progress, parents can provide the necessary support and encouragement, fostering a collaborative approach between home and school to ensure each student reaches their full potential.

Below is an example of a report for a year 9 student. 

Key information about the report:

  • Attendance will be shown at the top right of the report. Research states that attendance is important and the school recommends that students should be 95%+ to support their progress.
  • Home Learning: In KS3 we set home learning via Sparx Maths and Sparx English. At the top you can see the % completion for this.
  • Reading Age: At Stanground we use NGRT as a testing service to review our students reading age. A child's reading age can impact on their ability to access lesson material so we implement reading intervention when needed at the academy.

Progress Data:

  • KS4 targets are set for students based on their performance in primary school exams like SATs. These targets, predicted by the Department of Education, give a starting point for students' progress in secondary school. Students may exceed or fall short of these targets, but they provide a basic guide for their academic journey.
  • Working Grade: At Stanground Academy in KS3 we use the grading of Bronze, Silver and Gold. As shown below a student that is consistently hitting Silver in their progress checks is working towards the knowledge needed to get a grade 4-6 in KS4 which means if their KS4 target is in this range this is on track progress.

Attitude Towards Learning:

Research shows that students that put high effort into their studies will have a high chance of hitting their goals. At Stanground we feel ATL is very important and we use the below grade descriptors to determine a students ATL within a subject. 4+ would be classed as good ATL.